Saturday, April 6, 2019


Hi Blogg Buddies...I just posted these 4 spring pillows on
It's the first time I've sold samples like this however, I have over 350 designs and most have samples. In fact some have 2 samples because Ive punched them in different colors.  The original price for my finished pillows was $45.00 The sale price is $30.00 including shipping.  I've finished Goldilocks for Punchneedle & Primitive Stitcher magazine for 2020 and starting on Hansel & Gretel in-between potty training IVY!  It's a process and we are one step forward and two back...I've never had a puppy that didn't get trained.  She will!  She is fast as lighting and while I try to keep my eye on her, she managed a little piddle here and there.  I'm catching on because she runs to me and sits down because she thinks she'll get a treat like she does outside!  Keep on pnchin.

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