Friday, April 26, 2019


Good Morning Blog Buddies...I've been consumed with TRYING to house train's NOT going well and I blame myself because I hate put her back in her crate after she's been outside!  She does everything outside and then when she plays and races around with Rizzo inside she just goes where ever it suits her!!!  It's TOUGH LOVE today on my part, she seems happy in the crate and it's right next to me where I work!  This might be too much information???  On the frame is Lamb in Lavender.  Weeks Dye Works has a #8 pearl cotton that I'm falling in love with.  About 40 colors in the pallet and each one is beautiful and an inspiration!  It comes in 10 yard hanks and once I figure out how much it takes I will be offering Lamb in Lavender as a pattern only and as a pattern & thread kit.  Stay tuned.  Plus I'll be offering another Finished Spring Sample Sale tomorrow at noon.  I will preview it here in the morning.  Keep on punchin.

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