Sunday, February 28, 2010


The dogs (Hattie & Harley) and I will be out dancing in the moon light tonight. Before we leave the month of February behind, I wanted to post a couple of sunny snow day pictures. While March brings us closer to spring, it will remain chilly in Wisconsin and other parts of the country. That's why I've named my one of a kind wool hat collection NORTHERN SPRING. WOOLIES The hats seen here with Cooper are hand knitted in spring colors using 100% wool. They are selling before I can get them posted on my website so if you would like to own one these hats...e-mail me


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The National Needlework Association Show

I've just returned from the winter show in Nashville. I should say, I've just returned TO winter from the Nashville show. It's snowing and blowing here, while pansies are blooming there. No matter where you live, you can get a headstart on Spring with my new punch needle patterns now available on my website Check it out. Coming soon for all you cross-stitchers out there... patterns from La D Dah and others!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Romancing The Snow

Romancing the Snow was the theme of Cedarburg's Winter Fest held last weekend. It was cold, but sunny for the festivities. As you can see the romantic theme extending to the ice sculptures. I believe those penquins are kissing! Painters and other artisians (like me) were in the windows of the Cultural Center demonstrating their trade. It was a fun time. The countdown is on for the launching of the web site. Just a few more days...


Friday, February 12, 2010


Who is buried in Lincolin's tomb? Wrong question, who is born on Lincolin's birthday? The two babes right on center, Bonnie and Karen! Marilyn on the end always ahead of the game celebrated her Birthday on the 4th. Happy birthday gals. These are the woofies, my very best friends. There will be many more posts of their adventures... stay tuned. In the mean time I'm gearing up for the winter fest by drawing up The Stage Coach Inn one of the landmark buildings to punch on Sunday while I'm at the cultural center.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is the path most traveled by me and the dogs. I could have used a pair of snow shoes this morning.

The fresh snow has arrived just in time for Cedarburg's annual Winter Fest. It will be held this weekend, February 13-14, 2010. There will be bed races on the creek, ice scultpures in front of downtown businesses, kettle corn, chili contests, food, and beverages on every corner.

Artists will be posted all over town demonstrating there skills. I'll be at the Cultural Center on Sunday from 12-3p.m. demonstrating punchneedle embroidery. Come on up, down, or over, and join in the festivities!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's Superbowl Sunday...A lamb stew is simmering on the stove. I plan to punch my way through the game. A new pattern I'm calling "The Rooster & The Roses" is hooped and waiting for me. My son Chris and his girlfriend Dasha are out west snowboarding. Here they are relaxing a tavern in Jackson Hole, Wyoming the gives real meaning to the term saddling up to the bar!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've been working on this little rolled brim cap for spring. It's made from a three ply lightweight wool. I used size 2's and 4's to get a gauge of 5sts per and 6rows per inch. My knitting is quite loose so you may want to use 3's and 5's. The pattern is as follows:

Cast on 108 stitches with size smaller needle. Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row for 6rows.

Change to larger needles and work in stockinet stitch(knit 1 row, purl 1 row) for 8 inches.

Start to decrease:

knit 7, knit 2 together


knit 6, knit 2 together


knit 5, knit 2 together


knit 4, knit 2 together


knit 3, knit 2 together


knit 2, knit 2 together


knit 1, knit 2 together


knit 2 together, knit 2 together


Leaving a 12" tail run it through the remaining stitches a couple of times making the crown secure.

Sew up side.

The small cabbage rose and the garter leaf are from nicky epstein's book "knitting beyond the edge". Feel free to add your own embelishments.

The Hunny Bunny Punchneedle Pin Pattern will be available on my website