Friday, June 28, 2019


SALE...Here's your Friday sneak peek at tomorrows SALE.  The 2 framed pieces priced $125 SALE PRICE $75 each.  Paddle priced $85 SALE PRICE $50  as always FREE SHIPPING.  Dark and stormy today so I've changed plans, no farmers market for me today!  Finishing up punched projects, and starting new ones... Keep on punchin.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


CHERRIES ON TICKING....Good Morning Blog Buddies.  Here's an update of Cherries on Ticking!   Going to make a little Ditty Bag with ticking handles secured with red buttons.  With # 5 Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton and Bernadine #6 needle punching goes very quickly.  While waiting for Pink Ticking for Strawberries, I've started Pumpkins on Wool.  Stay tuned.  Keep on punchin.

Monday, June 24, 2019

RIZZO & IVY (aka Butterball)

Here's RIZZO & my baby girl  IVY  Six months and 29 lbs!  She is an Australian Labradoodle just like Rizzo.  Same breeder, different parents.  However she does resemble an baby Newfoundland!  These 2 are keeping me on my toes... also in the works are my projects on ticking and wool.  Here's a peek at these.  Watch Not Forgotten Farm's  U Tube Video on fusion.  That was my inspiration!
 Here are my pumpkins on wool.
keep on punchin.

Friday, June 21, 2019


GOOD MORNING BLOGG BUDDIES...after watching a Not Forgotten Farm Video, I decided to give this a try.  Using a piece of old ticking and a cherry pattern of mine, I followed Lori's directions and fused these 2 pieces together with wonder bond (not wonder bra).  It's in the QUE... after Pumpkin Cart on the frame &  my 2019 Santa Father Christmas on my drawing board.  I tried this several years ago, and was not happy with the loops however I didn't have the right thread or needle size.. I'm going to use #6 Bernadine needle, Weeks Dye Works #5 pearl cotton!  Stay tuned!  Here's a peak at PUMPKIN CART.  It's my favorite... Keep on punchin.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Good Morning Blog Buddies.... here's my newest design.  This wraps up my summer designs.  I'm working on PUMPKIN CART and have a 2019 SANTA on my drawing board.  Plan to post CHRISTMAS IN JULY with all my Santa's, favorites of the past, and as many new as I can.  It's a rainy day here.  Puppies are sleeping so it's time for me to get to work.  Keep on punching.

Friday, June 14, 2019


Hello Blog Buddies... here's a peak at tomorrows Sample Sale. I'll be posting on in the morning.  Finally got a few flowers for the garden, I'm so behind this year.  Just blitzed it this morning, will send pictures latter.  Plus, I'm experimenting Bernadine's #6 needle and Weeks Dye Works #5 pearl cotton.  I'm going to fuse the weavers cloth to a piece of wool and punch!  The wool fabric will be the background  I have a piece of ticking that might make an interesting background.  Stay tuned.  Please  note BETSY  in the forefront.  I am selling the sample but patterns & thread kits will be available for all these items.  I plan to post Patriotic paddles & framed pieces for sale next week.  Keep on punchin.

Saturday, June 8, 2019


SNEAK's the cover of the Simply Vintage Summer Issue  Please note my Birds N Berries on the mustard paddle in the lower right corner.

Inside you will find the pattern for Birds n Berries as well as the pattern for Strawberry Bowl!
The magazine is considering a few of my designs for 2020!  Wish me luck.  Keep on punchin.

Friday, June 7, 2019


SATURDAY SEED PACKET SALE...I'll be posting a sample sale tomorrow on  After spending a little time in my cabin studio this past week, I've decided to try to have a few samples for sale every Saturday, with a sneak peek here on my blog.  The puppies and I are off on what I call our adventure this morning.  Bank, postoffice, pig, dropping off a piece at the Museum, and framer.  Finally a stop a Starbucks for a cappuccino and 2 puppuccinos!  Keep on punchin.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Good Morning Blog's STRAWBERRIE SEASON here in Cedarburg.  The Fest is just a couple of weeks away June 22-23.  It attracts thousands of folks from in and out of the state.  I encourage anyone who is going to make the trip, give me a call 262.313.8885.  I'll be in my studio, just a few blocks from downtown selling Strawberry Pins.  Ivy is a work in progress, wild and fun.  She has me trained!  Rizzo is a perfect, he puts up with a lot from her.  She's a force.  Thank God she wears herself out, goes willingly into her crate!  Will send pictures soon, but it's like trying to get a photo of a cyclone!  BETSY & GARDEN ANGEL are on the frames.  Keep on punchin.

Saturday, June 1, 2019


JUNE...time is really flying.  My days are very busy as always.  Designing, punching, finishing, and playing with puppies!  Ivy has me trained, her not so much!  It's one step forward and two back!  Looks like another rainy day...Good day to work on projects, make a big pot of soup, and bake something yummy.  Not so good to be running a puppy in and out every couple of hours.  The ying &  yang of life!  Keep on punchin.