Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Good Morning Blog Buddies...it's STRAWBERRIE SEASON here in Cedarburg.  The Fest is just a couple of weeks away June 22-23.  It attracts thousands of folks from in and out of the state.  I encourage anyone who is going to make the trip, give me a call 262.313.8885.  I'll be in my studio, just a few blocks from downtown selling Strawberry Pins.  Ivy is a work in progress, wild and fun.  She has me trained!  Rizzo is a perfect, he puts up with a lot from her.  She's a force.  Thank God she wears herself out, goes willingly into her crate!  Will send pictures soon, but it's like trying to get a photo of a cyclone!  BETSY & GARDEN ANGEL are on the frames.  Keep on punchin.