Monday, June 24, 2013


Here's Mary (the basket maker) in our booth talking to a customer.  The tall basket with the walnut strip in the front right came home with me!  We were located behind the Cultural Center.  There's a glimpse of what it looked like out on the street...  I fought my way to the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church booth for a Greek salad, and spinach pie.  But it's all about the berries... and yes I brought home a couple of those luscious dark chocolate dipped strawberries... Today is a day to regroup, take an inventory of patterns, print covers, draw up designs, and put kits together.  And the wheel goes round and round.  Keep on punchin.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This is too fun.  I've tried punching on wool before but didn't have the gauge on the needle just right and my stitches were skimpy.  Jeanie from Ye Olde School House  sold me some fusible interfacing.  I drew my berries on the fabric, ironed the fabric to the wool. and stretched it on the frame.  The frame with gripper strips(300 prongs per inch) hold the wool in place.  So far so good.  I hope to have this pillow done for my booth at Cedarburg's Strawberry Fest this weekend.  Mary Harman May, wonderful basket maker from Milwaukee and I are sharing a space.  Keep on punchin.

Monday, June 17, 2013


 It was a beautiful day yesterday out at Pioneer Village.  It's only a few miles north of Cedarburg, but I've never been there, so when I was asked to demo punchneedle, I agreed.  I can't begin to express what a fantastic place it is.  There were so many wonderfully restored buildings, I have only captured a few here.  The grist mill was working, bonnets and aprons were being washed in the wash house and hung outside on a line..  The saw mill was cutting wood, and the blacksmith was forging metal.  The general store was giving jump ropes to little girls, and paper cups with a ball and string tolittle boys.  The gardens are beautifully maintained.  The village reflects that simple way of life that we all long for from time to time.  With that said all the pictures were taken with a smart phone or I Pad and sent to my laptop.  So much for the simple life...
Keep on punchin.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


The Plein Air Painters have arrived in town and are out and about painting all over Ozaukee County.  The painting goes on until next Friday when the art is judged and prizes are given out at a reception downtown at the Cultural Center.  The artwork will remain through the weekend to be on display for the Strawberry Fest.  I'll be in the parking lot behind the Cultural Center with my punchneedle  both Saturday and Sunday during the Fest.  Today I've been asked by the Historical Society to demonstrate punchneedle in a log cabin out at Pioneer Village.  It's north of town where several buildings have been restored and are on display.  Keep on punchin.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Yes, I brought a few bags of odds and ends to the sale and I came home with that "Tatters Log Cabin Quilt in the top photo and yes there was a tin of buttons in the bottom picture that now belongs to me.  For those of you out there who live close...tomorrow is the day $7.00 for a filled bag from 9-12 noon.  I'll be in my studio punching so stop by...  Keep on punchin.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


The STRAWBERRY  BASKET is finished and half of the Blueberry Loaf Cake with Lemon Glaze... The recipe is from Julie Hasson's Vegan Diner cookbook.  Yes, it's vegan made without eggs or butter.  It's  very rich and not unfortunately not low calorie.   I guess I wasn't meant to be too thin or too rich.  Celebrate the berry season.  Keep on punchin.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The bunnies  had their way with my strawberry plants, so I decided to punch up something more permanent...However it's not the same as a handful of fresh picked berries in the morning.  Thank God the farmer's market opens up this Friday.  I'll be there early, hopefully ahead of the rabbits.  Keep on punchin.
nancee .

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Morning Glory is the newest in my collection of seed packets  I add one every spring.  While I'm on the subject of  flowers.  I noticed my newly planted purple cone flower, chives, and strawberries have been all but nibbled away.  I think the bunnies are at it again.  I wonder why I bother, except I do like playing around in the dirt.  Keep on punchin.