Monday, June 17, 2013


 It was a beautiful day yesterday out at Pioneer Village.  It's only a few miles north of Cedarburg, but I've never been there, so when I was asked to demo punchneedle, I agreed.  I can't begin to express what a fantastic place it is.  There were so many wonderfully restored buildings, I have only captured a few here.  The grist mill was working, bonnets and aprons were being washed in the wash house and hung outside on a line..  The saw mill was cutting wood, and the blacksmith was forging metal.  The general store was giving jump ropes to little girls, and paper cups with a ball and string tolittle boys.  The gardens are beautifully maintained.  The village reflects that simple way of life that we all long for from time to time.  With that said all the pictures were taken with a smart phone or I Pad and sent to my laptop.  So much for the simple life...
Keep on punchin.

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