Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Time and the Snow continue to fly!  Almost March and we're knee deep in SNOW and it continues today!  I've finished ALICE & THE RABBIT need to photograph and make up pattern.  Musing about RED RIDING HOOD next in my STORY BOOK SERIES while I clean, clean, clean in preparation for the PUPPY!  Pick up day is March 16th....I've not decided yet which little girl is coming home with me! You all will be the first to know.  Keep on Punchin.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


TULIP TIME...not exactly we are buried under 14 inches of snow!  It is beautiful, a winter wonderland.  The dogs are having a blast.  Rizzo, an Australian Labradoodle half jumps, half hops around in the snow.  The breeder didn't tell me he was part Kangaroo!  Hattie my Old English Sheep dog plows through the snow looking for sheep to herd!  Inside I'm pulling out all my bunny and flower patterns.  I need inspiration for a new design.  I'm partial to the March Hare/White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  I think I'll reread the book.  There might be other characters that would make interesting punchneedle products.  Finished LOVE BIRDS will post next.  Keep on punching.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019


This is not going to be easy!  I've got the 3rd pick, and I can't go wrong!  I have a list of names for girls and boys...The chances of getting a boy are a little slim, because there are 7 girls and 2 boys.  There will be more photos in a few weeks.   Spending time with orders (Thank you all) and getting ready for the puppy.  Will post progress on LOVE BIRDS soon.  Keep on punching.

Monday, February 4, 2019


We had quite a week of snow and sub zero (-27) temperatures.  It was a full time job keeping the furnace going and the pipes from freezing.  I had blazing fires every morning to keep the inside temperature to 60.  And now it's in the 40"s and I'm on the flood watch.  Water is creeping up to the back door!  Workman were here yesterday with a shop vac.  I'm hoping they will be able to come back today!  My newsletter went out today.  Please email me if you'd like to receive it  I like to adapt a Frakur design every year, and have chosen this one.  I call in LOVE BIRDS.  The good news is the SMOLDER had her puppies and I'm the third pick.  She had 7 girls and 2 boys.  I'll send pictures with eyes open soon.  Must reschedule dentist and all the appointments I had to cancel last week.  Keep on punchin.