Wednesday, November 20, 2019


In the works....GLD TIDINGS.  Here we are just 1 week away from THANKSGIVING!  Working on my menu today and making a shopping list.  Hopefully I will be able to do a little posting between now and then.  As soon as I get my copy of Punchneedle & Primitive Stircher magazine, I will post  my the Skaters Waltz that appears inside!  Just send off the FLOWER CART to France for Spring Issue of Simply Vintage.  Rizzo is his reserved self, while Ivy continues to be wild and crazy and at 10 months old is 99% house broken.  She barks now most of the time to go out!  Adding new things to   everyday.  I have a lot of finished pieces for sale, however not all are listed.  So please if you're interested in a finished gift for yourself or someone else, contact me through ETSY and I'll let you know if its available.  Keep on punchin.

Saturday, November 16, 2019


My CHRISTMAS GOAT is featured in Simply Vintage Holiday Issue.  Love this magazine it is chocked full of wonderful projects...  Snow and freezing temperatures have come early to Cedarburg!
Soups, scones, tea and hot cocoa are on the menu... the puppies love it.  The Mini Cooper not so much...would not start and needed a new battery!  I indulged myself in the new Ninja Foodie Hot & Cold Blender.  Made several of those aforementioned soups, butternut squash, tomato, & chicken noodle!  Yes chicken noodle!  ETSY orders keep coming, THANK YOU ALL.  I've got a new Holiday Design GLAD TIDINGS on the frame!  Will post next week.  Stay warm & safe and...Keep on punching.

Monday, November 11, 2019


Better late the never...I painted this paddle following a U-Tube video.  It took about 2 weeks.  Lots of coats of paint and a little sanding here & there.  I wanted a color pallet that would compliment the finish, so I chose Weeks Dye Works Pearl cotton.  Hope to start it today.  Tomorrow I'm off to give a program to the Cedarburg Women's Club.  It will be fun.  It started snowing again yesterday and continues today.  The snow buried Ivy's bone, but she found it!  Keep on pumchin.

Friday, November 8, 2019


Almost finished...EWE ME & A FEATHER TREE.  Every day is full of things to do and today is no exception.  We have about 3" of snow and it's very cold (13 degrees) so the snow is sticking around.  The puppies love it.  I'm off to the Apple Store this morning to the genius bar with my computer.  It's been shutting down for no reason.  it scares me because all the pattern covers and and pictures of my designs are on it.  I did a back up yesterday so I hope Im safe.  I really do want to move on to Holiday Designs, but i have one more PUMPKIN & CROW pattern I've just finished sketching...Will give you an update next week  Stay warm and Keep on Punchin.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019


SNOW available in my ETSY STORE.
Here's what's going on at my house on this snowy day...  Puppies playing in the Ivy is getting so big, she's 10 months old and almost as big as Rizzo, her 2 and 1/2 year old brother!  Here's what's cooking in my Ninja Foodie this morning
corned beef hash and eggs!
Keep on punchin