Tuesday, April 2, 2019

HATTIE 2006-2013

I lost Hattie yesterday...it broke my heart to have to make THAT  CALL to the vet.  Her struggles had become too much for her.  I could manage getting her up when she needed help, but there was bleeding going on inside of her that could not be fixed.  It was a fitful weekend.  She will never be replaced in my heart, but I'm so glad I have Rizzo & Ivy.  Especially grateful Rizzo has Ivy.   They play tag and tug with an old white leather outside and cuddle together on the couch.  Keep on punchin


  1. So sorry, Nancee. I have no doubt that Hattie had a wonderful life in your care. Happy you have Rizzo and Ivy to love...and that they have each other.
    Take care, Robyn