Wednesday, July 31, 2019


GINGERBREAD BOY ON TICKING...I'm excited about this little stocking...plan to fill it with candy canes!  It seems like every day gets busier and busier...AND tomorrow is August!  I have scribbles here and there with design ideas all over the Coop...Ivy had her stitches out yesterday and is raring to go.  I'm trying to keep her quiet the next few days.  She's like a jumping jack and that behavior has NOT improved.  Today I ordered a hoo la hoop from amazon.  It's the if you can't beat um, join um philosophy!  I plan to teach to jump through the hoop and NOT on me.  She likes to body slam me.  Not working for me...  She's like a little angel when she's out anywhere, and the tazmanian devil when ahe's home!  Keep on punchin.

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