Monday, October 21, 2019


RIDE BABY RIDE...Good Morning Blog Buddies.  I hope to be a better blogger.  We have a soft steady rain today.  Nothing like the awful weather in Texas.  Stay safe ya'll.  I'm working fast and furious on new designs and will post in progress photos soon.  Because I work in the moment, or in the season if you will; I've got a 3 little CANDY CORN BOXES in the works.  Painting the boxes today.  Will begin punching later this week.  I've ordered some Harris Tweed Wool for my Sheep Pillows and will roll that design out as soon as I get the wool.  Puppies are still keeping be very busy. trying to spend as much time with them outside as I can because I know winter is just around the corner.  Hopefully we have more picture perfect fall days ahead.  Keep on punchin

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