Thursday, November 2, 2017


                                        Dark as Molasses
                                        Brittle as Candy

                                        Maple Sugar sprinkled on
                                        a Cookie Crumb Crust

                                       Carmel n Cardamom tatters
                                       Cling to branches like
                                       Bittersweet Memories
                                       Day melts into Night
                                       Black as Coal

                                      Dreams warmed in Kitchens
                                      Wrapped in Anticipation
  Doing some serious coop cleaning and found my poems...please indulge me here on my blog!  I miss writing poems and plan to begin again soon!  In the meantime, the trim on the Cooperage has been painted a cocoa brown and the door has a fresh coat of ginger paint. The patio and path to the log cabin have been rejuvenated with flag stones and more bricks.  That will wrap it up until spring when I plan to plant a new side garden and have the split rail fence replaced.  (Don't ya just love home owning ?)  Working on my nursery rhyme collection.  Will post Ms Muffet soon.  and drum roll please....I've been invited to sell my finished pieces on Amazon Handmade!  It's a fairly new site and I'm learning how to post with their templates and pixel requirements.  Stay tuned and I'll let you know how you can find me in the world known as Amazon...Keep on punchin.


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