Friday, February 26, 2016


In progress, THE NIGHT GARDENER.  This little bunny is planting stars in his garden...I've always loved this drawing, but struggled with the colors.  Nothing seemed right to me.  I didn't want another pastel rabbit.  So I decided to rely on my old friend Valdani P11-aged black!  With that planned as the background, I worked my way forward.  I have a wonderful piece of Velveteen from Blackberry Primitives for the pillow.  Stay tuned to see the finished product.  Tomorrow is the Winter Quilt Show at Washington County State Park.  Katie from Holly & Ivy has invited me to come in her booth and punch.  Looking forward to this show, as I've not been to it.  Keep on punchin.


  1. Hi, I met you yesterday at the quilt show. Your work is awesome and I cannot wait to begin to learn about your art. May seems a long way off right now to wait to learn. I might need to try it on my own sooner than that. Think I need a beginners kit!!

    1. Judy I have beginners kits can come to my studio any time and learn how to punch. You don't have to wait...just give me a call 262.313.8885

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