Friday, May 8, 2015


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Here goes.  Please meet Carol Fisher a 87 year young woman who lives in Westbend Wisconsin.  While she has never visited these countries, she has mastered the art of their needlework!  This is just a smattering of her exquisite
work.  She has spent years studying techniques practiced by needle artists all over the world!

The Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts is so honored to have Carol's work from 15 countries exhibited as part of In Stitches.  This exhibit will be up     until the middle of July 2015.

                                                She is remarkable woman and an inspiration to us all.  When I first met  
                                                 Carol, she was telling me about a #16 pearl cotton
 She'd just discovered,  and yesterday (she drives down on Thursdays to spend time at the Museum to talk about her work, and teach )  Carol told me how she loves her NOOK, downloads tons of books, plus it has a built in wifi so she can catch up on her email!    At 87 may we all be able to have wifi and be able to catch up on our e-mail.  Keep on punchin,

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