Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hattie says it all in this photo...while I've been working on new designs for up coming shows, my focus has been on the COOPERAGE (my little cottage).  Every closet, every drawer has been cleaned out, the walls of the living dining room space have been washed, scraped, and painted a moccasin color, and last but not least the 12" pine boards, stripped, stained, and polyed 4 boards at a time!  The worst was moving the big cupboards out of the way, creating a space where the dogs and I could hang out, and leaving a path to the doors.  It's done now. HALLELUIAH.  It's back to serious punchin before tackling the kitchen and half bath.  Keep on punchin. 

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  1. Hattie is such a pretty girl! Must feel wonderful to have all that work done...good for you!
    Have a great weekend,