Wednesday, March 6, 2013


In my dreams the Cooperage is a rose covered Irish Cottage.  Actually it's origin is German as were many of the settlers in Cedarburg in the 1850's.  It started out as a barrel factory as some of you know, hence the name Cooperage.  A much needed spring cleaning is underway.   I have the pulled all the furniture away from the walls to wash, scrap, and paint.  Next the pine floors MUST be cleaned, stained, and resealed.
The dog and I are trying to carry on as if everything is normal, even though their favorite chairs have been moved and I can't always find there food bowls...  Hopefully everything will be done in time to plant some of those roses.   There is a new bunny on my drawing board and as soon I uncover where I've put it, I'll get it done so stay tuned.  Keep on punchin.

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