Saturday, November 24, 2012


I wonder if any of you saw the big OLD ENGLISH SHEEP DOG  being rescued by two national guardsmen during hurricane Sandy??? It was amazing, I've looked for the image on line but have not found it.    I would have been one of those who would not leave her dogs. I am thankful for my two OES every day.  They bring so much joy into my house.   Here's HATTIE is watching my every move as I wrap up a batch of biscotti.!  She and HARLEY love the Rachel Ray's doggie version recipe.  It's very healthy with whole wheat flour and peanut butter.  I must made them some as soon as The Holiday Art Fair is over...  It's next weekend at the Community Center in downtown Cedarburg.  It's bigger and better than ever this year with more artist participating.  Plus Christmas in the Country will be at the Settlement.  So it's an other wild and crazy weekend in Cedarburg. Keep on punchin.

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