Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've been unpacking, shoving furniture, hanging framed pieces, propping pillows, filling cupboards, etc,etc, to get ready for the COVERED BRIDGE STUDIO TOUR this weekend.  This Friday (6-9) , Saturday 10-5), and Sunday (11-4) event is sponsored by the Cedarburg Artists Guild.  It is so much fun to see where and how each artist works, some in barns, some in chicken coops, others in spaces above retail stores downtown.  It's a blast and the only drawback of being in the show is that you can't attend!!!  The fun begins at the Cultural Center where you pick up your map and passport.  Saturday night there's a shindig at the Cultural Center with food, drinks, give aways, and a silent auction.  I'll be posting pictures of the inside of my studio as soon as I can.  There's a partridge & a pear tree on my drawing board.  Stay tuned.  Keep on punchin.

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